Ministry staff 

Jose Ferrer


The church is currently led by Jose Ferrer and his wife Yorka.  Jose serves as a full-time paid minister.  Yorka is a Licensed Worker Compensation Adjuster and works full time as an adjuster.   Before coming to lead the church in Space Coast, Jose led various ministries in the Orlando Church of Christ. During his years there he served as Youth & Family Minister, University Region Leader, and led the Singles / Yo-Pro Ministry.  
Something  Jose values is servant leadership. First modeled by our Lord,  Jose takes very seriously the admonishment of Jesus for us to be “servants of” rather than “lord it over” those we lead. During his tenure at the Orlando Church he led various teams, family group leaders, teen leaders, teen interns, the teen ministry, a region, and the singles ministry with this in mind. No matter what role he's had the lesson of being a servant first has remained foremost in all he does.