May 5, 2024    Jose Ferrer

We live in a broken world. There are storms of life all around us. (Lighthouse) The is uncertainty all around us. Our money uncertain, hyper inflation, supply shortages, gas, groceries, housing, so much of our regular needs, cost so much. Too much. Uncertainty in the job market. Security and worry about our personal security, national security, there are wars and tension all over the world. We all experienced a global pandemic and the trauma, loss and grieving we are yet to fully realize. With everything and everyone so shaken, were do we turn, how do we endure, how do we flourish? In lesson one we looked at the our unshakable king Jesus and His unshakeable kingdom. In this lesson we move on to another unshakeable truth, God's Love.

With the goal of Becoming unshakeable ourselves we look ay The unshakeable love of God.

In our journey of faith, we encounter the unshakeable love of God—a love that transcends circumstances and anchors us in the depth of His grace. Today, we explore Ephesians 3:14-19, delving into the profound truths it unveils about the incomprehensible love of Christ and its transformative power in our lives.