Building Community

Apr 7, 2024    Jose Ferrer

The New Testament emphasizes the significance of the church gathering and outlines its purposes, highlighting the interaction of the Holy Spirit with the gathered believers.

The majority of the NT is written to different churches, letters to them. In these letters we see teachings related to the gathering, some do’s and don’ts. Paul in addressing the church in Corinth had some pretty scandalous things to address. But what do you expect? The church then like now is made up of the fallen. There is much to learn. 

But more than an intellectual exercise and teaching on the church and any specific obligations we have. I wanted to look at the gathering of Christs body and highlight some beautiful and powerful things that happen. As we looking into the scriptures, my hope is to reveal these things and to inspire us. The church is not a building, per say. It is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we all make up that temple. What can be so very special is how through the church we and others get to experience God in very deep and profound ways.